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Hotel Levanto Levanto used to be a little village set amongst the rolling green hills and the crystal blue sea. Today not much has changed, its “jewels” are still conserved with the ancestral spirit by the local people. Impressive rocks and sandstone banks welcome the visitors from the sea;  the paths are hidden by chestnut and       
pine trees, scented by thymus and spartium junceum – “the solar broom “, and shaded with red arbutus and arboreous heather.
As in many Ligurian churches, the “leit motiv” is expressed with a rich Roman architectural patrimony. Inside the temples, the paintings witness the splendour of the 14th and 16th Genoese century, while the smaller tabernacles offer their humble prayer to the Lord.
Going back in time one can find the castle, the dock and the tower walls; all remnants of the strenuous defence and the will for survival by the local people, always linked to the sea but impossible to ignore the call of the land. The rural life still continues today, with vineyards and olive groves, but above all in the cellars that preserve the barrels and wine-skins, full of the precious liquid you will be able to taste in visiting the small villages surrounding Levanto.
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